Our honeymoon trip to New Zealand

In September 2017 one month after our wedding we went to New Zealand to see the night country, and see how we are part of the world. To extend and make our love deep in our hearts together.

There are cities that we will never forget. We went to see my best friend in Auckland and traveled to one of the volcanic activities in the world Rotorua, a like-a-dream small town called Queens Town, To a small but beautiful lake town called Wanaka, and to the most southern part of the world Bluff cliff located in a small city called Invercargill. We also went to one of the screen sets where they filmed the Shire in the Lord of the Rings! It was somewhat magical!

Moreover, we had a chance to meet friends from our family, they were very nice hosts. one of the places I didn’t mention was we also went to Invercargill, it is the most southern part of the whole world!!!

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