Install windows without TPM2.0

I have been looking in my Computer spec book for sometime and even it does have in the spec that my computer have TPM2.0 but some reason it doesn’t, and isn’t in the HP windows 11 Support list. Well, but my note book is fast with 32 GB RAM it should be able to run Windows 11 without any problem.

I spent days to find a way to enable TPM on my computer but finally I come across that I could install windows 11 without TPM2.0. So, this is what I’m sharing today.

it is actually very easy,

  1. instead of download your windows from Microsoft. Download your windows from a modified script from github, the user AveYo have created this script to skip check for compatible before the installation.
  2. From the media file you got, run auto.cmd from the media and do the installation normally

Wala! this installation no longer alert you that you don’t have the TPM 2.0 which is one of the Requirement for Windows 11.

What is TPM?

TPM helps you protect your system from malware and other hacky stuffs from your system. It will protect you from the begining of the boot, but it is not a minimum requirement of the hardware, so it is hard for everyone to have TPM turn on. So, if you have it turn it on for your security benefit.

Unfortunately I don’t have it. Well, have fun!

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